Reverse Graffiti Cardiff

Professional reverse graffiti in Cardiff and the surrounding areas

Clean Advertising is also known as reverse graffiti, clean graffiti, etc. It involves creating a custom made stencil with your image and message. Our teams then seek out dirty pavements in high footfall areas in your chosen locations.

We then pressure wash over the stencil creating a clean image on the dirty paving, creating a “Clean Advert”.

Your eco friendly advert will then be seen be thousands of people every day for weeks at a fraction of the price or other advertising methods.

Our stencils are usually cut from 750mm x 750mm sheets of mylar. This offers the best durability and an ideal advert size to fit most paving slabs.

We are unable to give a price on our website as each campaign is different. The locations, number of adverts and the number of stencil will affect the pricing. Please get in touch and we can give you your free quotation.

Cardiff Reverse Graffiti

Campaigns usually consist of 20 to 40 adverts in one town/city. However, we have carried out campaigns consisting of several hundred adverts over many cities.

We cover the whole of the UK. We have even carried out a campaign in Paris, France. By using several teams we can carry out campaigns in multiple cities at the same time if needed.

Normally we would ask for at least 2 weeks notice for a campaign, but we have carried out campaigns with shorter notice when needed.

As we are a cleaning company we have a good knowledge of which surfaces will clean the best. Including which surfaces will leave a good clean/dirty contrast. This will ensure the best results for your campaign.
Over the last 12 years we have carried out hundreds of campaigns throughout the UK, placing over 15,000 adverts.

reverse graffiti cardiff

Chalk Advertising

Chalk advertising is a unique form of advertising. It involves having custom made stencils made. We then apply a biodegradable chalk based spray paint.

Chalk adverts are temporary, so they will fade over time. But we can remove the adverts at any time if preferred, using a certain cleaning solutions and steam cleaning the surface. Chalk advertising allows us to introduce colours to the adverts, which is ideal for private land and when council approval has been granted.

If you contact us today we will usually be able to give you a definite price in just 24 hours.

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Our accreditations

What our customers say about our reverse graffiti service

“Richard provides brilliant services and have recommended him for many jobs. I can certainly vouch for his render cleaning and graffiti removal. As I have first hand knowledge of the end results.”

Richard Smith

“WOW. What a fantastic job!!!! Can not believe the difference , we knew the house would look better but didn’t expect it to look like new again!!! Really chuffed with the result, can’t thank you enough. Highly recommend & Huge Thanks. 5 Star!!!!”

Jo Fitzjohn

“From the very first contact I made with the company, I got the feel that I was dealing with a company and personnel that were genuinely interested in doing a job with pride and honesty . Having been advised by others that the rendering would have to be replaced, painted etc etc and at exhorbant prices, it was truly satisfying to find a company which not only did an amazing job but at a fair price for a very large property! No hesitation in recommending them!”

Prakash Dewani

“Totally recommend them and they deserve a 5 star rating. Just amazing transformation of my house. House totally different following the work. Lovely family business to deal with. I’d thoroughly recommend them. Mines the one that went from mouldy red to custard yellow (our Custard Close nickname may now return).”

Glenn Parry